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4-frame manga of the coined word"Kuronecomik"that combines black cat"Mic"and comics.It is a piece designed to pop the Kurone Comics on the theme of comics.The edge of the handkerchief is a staggered winding that was sewn thinly with a sewing machine.

Size: 41cm * 41cm
Made in Japan
Item No: 081238-1086-02

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Position: Recommended (cat's hand)
Thread Color: Light Navy

Visual artists
Graduated from Tama Art University.He has been active in various fields such as magazines, advertising, music, fashion, stage design, space design, product design, publishing, etc., and has held many solo exhibitions.GONTITI's CD design, UNIQLO's founding logo, Tokyo Skytree's"Solamachi"murals and objects, MIRRORS, and Suzumo Chochin, a Japanese light fixture, won the Gut Design Award.There is a story and design of the BEAM brand"BEAMS LIGHTS with MIC * ITAYA".The cassette magazine"TRA", which was designed and published in the ' 80s, is permanently preserved at the MOMA Museum of Modern Art in New York.
41 cm 100% cotton made in Japan
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