SIC Cheerful color


"A piece of sea-island cotton produced by the climate of the Caribbean."

The Caribbean Sea has an exquisite climate cycle with little difference in temperature between day and night. In this blessed land, the world's most excellent cotton is grown. Its name is "Sea island cotton".
Sea island cotton is characterized by its long and supple fibers. Sea island cotton, also called the jewel of fiber, is hand-picked. It does not damage the fiber by being carefully done by human hands. We use the sea-island cotton and weave it into a fabric exclusively for handkerchiefs.

There are 108 color variations for many people to use.
The meaning of the color is set as a theme, and there are 108 colors in total, 12 colors in 9 themes.
The edge is carefully hand-sewn one by one, without using a sewing machine, and rolled up plumply and three-dimensionally. Dyeing is carefully done by hand printing.

Sea Island cotton is raised by handwork. We are also handcrafted as much as possible in Japan and carefully and gently finished into handkerchiefs.

SIC color series

Happy color (the color of Ukiyuki)

SIC color series all 108 colors are from here.

SaIs: 45cm x 45cm cotton 100 % Japanese
Product number: 081221-0001-08

The initial embroidery, Osshark content.
Letters :No31
Location: Lower Right Na-me
Thread color: yellow
Amount: \550

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