[Embroidery / Gift Packaging Allowed] Yoshida140 Type D (Navy)

¥3,850 ¥5,500

It will be online limited sale.

The very thin thread is finished with a very thin thread called the sea island cotton 140th, which can only be taken in some areas of the Caribbean Sea. There are many reflection surfaces and unique shiny features with characteristics of yarn and weave. Because the textile length of the material itself is long, it is a single piece that is easy to get in hand.
Mr. Yoshida, who is engaged near the design design of the handkerchief
Basic line YOSHIDA140 series, which Mr. Yoshida works is a basic line of hand-finished with needle and yarn only around Hachinohe City, Weave in Hyogo Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture.

Size: 47 cm × 47 cm Cotton 100% Made in Japan
Item #: 081085-8853-62

Character: No22
Location: lower right vertical
Through the thread color: light navy
Amount: ¥ 440

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