Dobby Check (Pink)

SKU: 081085-1001-01

This dobby checkered handkerchief was born out of a desire to create a linen handkerchief that could not befound anywhere else, and that only a handkerchief specialty store could deliver.
The more you use the high-quality flax yarn, the softer it becomes and the more comfortable it becomes in your hands. The paneled pattern combining the three major weaving structures (plain weave, twill weave, and shuji weave) is a unique technique of the handkerchief. The edges of the handkerchief are hand-rolled and sewn for a soft and elegant finish.
This is a handkerchief made of linen that can be used for a long time as a standard piece.

Click here for the dobby check handkerchief in 4 colors.

Size: 50 cm x 50 cm, 100% linen, made in Japan
Product number: 081085-1001-01

Letter: №19
Position: Lower right war
p Color: Light pink
Price: ¥440

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