mico Type B (Ivory)

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18Three thick yarns are twisted together to make this yarn.The fabric is moderately thick and can be used as a handkerchief orThe fabric is moderately thick and soft to the touch, like a handkerchief and a towel.Sea-island cotton, which is said to be the highest quality cotton, is used.It has a luster and wrinkle-resistant finish.

The product name "mico" is derived from "mikoshi," which means three threads twisted together.

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Letter: No.9
Position: Lower right side
Thread color: light blue
Amount: ¥550

For customers who use initial embroidery
This product has a special feature of the fabric. If you choose the embroidery thread of the same color as the handkerchief, it will be difficult to see the initials embroidered.

23 cm 100% cotton made in Japan
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