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The basic fabric used in our handkerchiefs is made from natural fibers that can be returned to nature. Until now, we have developed our handkerchiefs using cotton or linen, and have never used other materials.

Hemp is an environmentally friendly material. Hemp is a plant that grows with little water and requires little chemical fertilizer, and has a low risk of soil contamination. It also has a very fast growth rate. This is the first material we have used for our handkerchiefs.

The material's characteristics, such as durability, water absorbency, easy drying, and antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, make it suitable for handkerchiefs that are washed and used repeatedly. Although the word "hemp" may conjure up images of a coarse texture, the careful and slow weaving and finishing by Japanese craftsmen's techniques have achieved a smooth texture and softness that is unmatched by any other material.
We have prepared standard original designs that you will never get tired of. We also recommend embroidering your initials on them for a casual gift.


-Hemp handkerchiefs for the first time

Classics the Small Luxury's first hemp handkerchief is made of relatively thick Italian yarn (hemp count).20No. 2 or so/in wool count14/2The yarn is carefully and slowly woven by a skilled weaver in Bishu, Aichi Prefecture. The yarn is yarn-dyed and the warp4color, weft4colors, total8By weaving from a total of 3 colors, deep and unique colors are expressed in the checkered pattern.

Sizes and colors suitable for all genders

The moderate thickness and 26 cm square size were designed to fit easily in the palm of the hand. A total of five colors are available: purple, khaki, green, navy, and brown. The design is suitable for use by a wide range of people regardless of age or gender.

Please try hemp as the third handkerchief material following cotton and linen.

Column: The Third Material: Hemp

<Initial Embroidery Recommendations
Letter: No.15
Position: Lower right diagonal
Thread color: beige
Amount: ¥550

This product is subject to bodyguard embroidery.
About bodyguard embroidery

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 100% plant fiber (hemp) made in Japan
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