HIKKOMI Inu (dark gray)

SKU: 080033-6322-50

A cute handkerchief with an embroidered image of a dog pulling at the edge of the handkerchief with its mouth. The innovative design shows a dog pulling on the edge of a handkerchief.
The color of the dog differs depending on the color, so why don't you find your favorite dog? The collar of the light beige dog is a little bright purple-red. A chic piece of dark gray fabric with a bright beige dog.
Woven with cotton and linen, you can feel both the softness of cotton and the natural crispness of linen. The edges of the handkerchief are sewn by hand-rolling.

Letter: No. 19
Position: Recommended (above the tail of the dog on the lower right)
Thread color: wine
Amount: ¥440
41 cm 50% cotton, 50% linen made in Japan
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