Heart Mail (Pink)

SKU: 080033-5351-11

A lovely piece with many hearts embroidered all over the handkerchief.
Hearts of various sizes seem to overflow at any moment, just a mature Kawaii design.
A simple design that can be used on a daily basis, it can be used at work or on a date.
We recommend it as a gift for yourself or as a gift for someone you love.
Why don't you add your initials in the heart?

Size: 41 cm × 41 cm Cotton 100% Malaysia
Item #: 080033-5351-11

Letter: No. 1 (with Swarovski)
Location: The lower right heart
Thread color: lavender
Amount: ¥ 660

※ If you choose font No13
Embroidery can not be used in the recommended position.
If you wish to font No13, the embroidery position
We will enter Naname in the lower left heart.
*Stock status is constantly changing and may differ from the latest stock status. store inventory for SALE items will be displayed as "out of stock.

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