One Fuji, two hawks, three eggplants (white)

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It is said that the first dream is a good omen for the new year, and it is good to dream of "One Fuji, Two Taka, Three Eggplants" as a happy dream.
Fuji means "high and large," hawk means "to seize," and eggplant means "to accomplish.
Fuji means "immortality" and therefore longevity, the hawk means "high" and "noble" and therefore prosperity, and the eggplant means "good harvest" and therefore prosperity.

Size : 45cm x 45cm, 50% cotton, 50% linen, Made in Japan
Item number: 080002-0003-01

<Recommended contents for initial embroidery
Character: №9
Position: Recommended (upper left, vertical)
Thread color: White

45 cm 50% cotton Linen50% made in Japan

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