bloomie's [long handkerchief 7231].

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"I am training today to become a great ninja, that I am. That~ the art of altering oneself!

The "long handkerchief" is a slightly different rectangle.
You can play with this handkerchief by opening and closing it like a picture book and enjoying the changing design.
It can also be folded long and thin and wrapped around the neck as a sunshade.

All bloomie's handkerchiefs come with a name tag.
You can write your name on it with an oil-based pen.

Children's handkerchiefs made by a handkerchief maker.We have given shape to children's feelings such as sitting up and having fun. Japanese handkerchiefs are not only "cute" but also interesting to look at, comfortable to touch, and pleasant to hold.

Size: 30 cm x 60 cm

Please note that only the special envelopes for bloomie's are available for wrapping.

Letter: No. 19
Position: Recommended (vertical between the dog and cat on the lower right)
Thread color: Light navy
Amount: ¥440

30 cm 100% cotton made in Japan
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