You can receive orders at the following shops.

◆ Nihonbashi Ningyocho shop
◆Marunouchi shop
◆ Kobe Motomachi shop

※ Currently, the store receipt is canceled due to circumstances.Please understand.

【About the product that you can receive】
The following products and categories will be available for store receipt.

- SIC Series 108 colors
(Creeping color, creeping color, flower color, sweet color, sky color, 12 months color, salad color, fruit color, ore color)
- Bridal category (excluding some items)
- HIKKOMI Series Category

【How to order】

ま Put the product in the cart at the online shop and proceed to the purchase procedure.
ま Enter the contact information.
If you are a member, please log in, and if you are not registered, please enter your email address.
③ Choose the delivery method.
There is a display that shipping or receive at shop.
If you wish to receive at our shops, please select a shop receipt.(Shipping is free.)
Then proceed to payment.
The payment method will be 4 types of [Credit card, convenience store payment, bank transfer, cash on delivery(payment at the store at the time of receipt)].
Express Checkout and PayPal,AmazonpayPlease note that this service is not available.

After selecting the payment method, click Confirm order to complete your order.
If you choose convenience store payment and bank transfer, you will be transferred to the screen about the payment procedure from partner company KOMOJU.
Please be sure to save the screen such as a screenshot of the payment information displayed.
You will receive an email with the same content at the email address you entered.Please be sure to save the screen of the payment information displayed because it may not be received by spam mail etc.
If there is no payment procedure, convenience store payment will be automatically canceled after 5 days from your order, and bank transfer will be automatically canceled after 15 days.
Convenience store payment and bank transfer will be ready for delivery after confirmation of payment completion.

[About delivery of the product]

The receipt will be handed over at the store 2 to 4 days after having you order.
We will contact you by e-mail when the product arrives at the finished shop.
Please receive your order number and the full name of the person who ordered it and tell it to the shop.
We will prepare your order.
If you choose C. O. D., please pay at the receiving store after confirming the product.