[1] If there is no special instruction, one box or bag will be introduced, and the contents will be specified so that the contents will be known from the outside.
[2] If you wish to put multiple sheets in one package, please specify which product will be combined in the last remarks column of order)
[3] Customers who wish to "box" Please fill in the following four points in the store or order in the order of orders.
1 Application [Celebration / marriage celebration / Celebration celebration / incense return]
2 Country [Internal holidays / Give wedding celebration / aspiration]
3 Table Location [Hanako (Hanako) / Nakanishi Taro / Nakanishi]
4 (outside / inside)


If you wish to pack in the gift box, please fill in the last "Comment column" in the last minute.
The size of the gift box will be selected on our side.

Six types of paid message cards are available in our shop.
The back is plain plain.