It will be wrapped in the brand original gif trapping.Gift packaging in the box considers the design and embroidery arrangement of handkerchiefs, andThe moment I opened it, I am addicted to the most beautiful. Handkerchief that customers were ordered with heart. I hope you enjoy the moment you open the lid.

· About gift wrapping
· About message card

Tatou, gift box, 3 types of packaging of Tatsuo are available free of charge. Depending on the season, we may have a limited time wrapping.

Please select the desired wrapping form from the product screen "Gift wrapping".
※ After packaging, so that the contents can be understood, stick the sticky note with the contents of the product outside the packaging.

14 x 14 x 0.8 cm(For 1 to 2 sheets)
Folded Package. Put your original seal. Recommended for those who want easy lapping.

Box (ribbon)
S: 13.5 × 13.5 × 2.3 cm (for 1 sheet) / m: 11 × 22 × 2.5 cm (for 1 to 2 sheets) /L: 22x222.5 cm (for 3 to 5 sheets)
We apologize for the original gold ribbon.
※ The box size chooses the appropriate size to match the number of items.
※ You can not choose the color of thin paper in online shops. I will pack it with a color tailored to the product.

You can choose from 4 types.
※ Box size corresponds only to M
※ Customers who wish to pack the package in Yuto should also be selected (upper and lower), packaging form (innertime, 熨).

If you want set packaging
Please enter the combination of goods in the Cart Screen "Remarks (request)" column.

Entry example)
Set 1: color linen (blue), Arigatouhanka
Set 2: color linen (pink), Hikkomi cat new color (white)

※ The box size chooses the appropriate size to match the number of items.
※ If there is no special instruction, it will be packaged one by one.


Two types of cards with simple logo (free) and online shop limited card (surcharge) are available.

Choose the card you want from the Product Screen "Message Card".
Customers who wish to print messages should enter the message in "Message Card Content". The back of the card is plain-free, so you can also write yourself by yourself.


Free (free)
Simple with brand logo2Folded card.

Online Shop Limited Card ¥ 110 (tax-included price)
Heart-shaped message card drawn with gentle touch illustration. Messages are not included, so you can choose your favorite design.
A cute design with a bear and rabbit stuffed toy. Recommended for gifts to children and celebrations for birth.

Mimosa flowers and tee party designed design. It is recommended for the season of early summer.

A lot of flowers full of baskets. It is a design that can be used regardless of season.

Wine bread, vegetables and hat etc. A refreshing design that makes the early summer picnic. Recommended for summer gifts.

Elegant design with large gift boxes and rose, wine, candles and so on. Recommended for Holiday Gift.