Q. What is the recommended position, embroidery?
A. In our shop, the concierge of the handkerchief proposes a font, position that suits each product. In each product image, the photograph which embroidery entered is the recommended contents. If you are lost in the embroidery order, please refer to this by all means.

Q. How long will I receive my order?
A.  Orders until 9: 00 am will be shipped on the day.(Except Sundays and store holidays)
The details are About the delivery date of the product Please check it.

Q. This is the best app I have ever used.

A. If only the card number does not work: It will be a prediction, but it may have been predicted input by the function of the browser to keep the past input record. After confirming whether the number that is not a card number will become the same, please try reloading (Ctrl+F5) or opening it in a different browser, if it is still difficult, it is certain that you can try copying and pasting the number written in another place (Notepad etc.).

A. When general character input does not work: It may be necessary to confirm whether you have entered in half-width alphanumeric characters(whether it is not full-width input).This is because characters that are not half-width characters cannot be typed in, and they will behave strangely.

Q. Can I order more than 1 character?
A. You can order it. If it is 2 or more characters, the font No. We recommend 22 (1 character / ¥ 400+tax).To [Information to the store] of the order page ["K.N." Embroidery hope, amount of money change approval completed] and please list. In the case of a continuation character, No.22 We recommend a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. When ordering, go to [Information to the store] ["Hisako N." Embroidery hope, amount of money change approval completed] and please list. I will contact you by email the amount of money that I added the embroidery additional charge of the number of characters × ¥ 400+tax.The customer's reply to the payment completion will result in the completion of the additional order.

Q. Can I order embroidery in the store or can I order embroidery in the online shop?
A. We are sorry, but we do not accept orders for embroidery other than the font posted in the online shop.

Q. Can I receive my order from the online shop in the store?
A. We are sorry, but we do not accept pick-up at the store.

Q. Can I cancel my order?
A. Immediately after your order, we accept cancellation correspondence if it is before processing.
Please note that cancellation after embroidery processing is not possible.

Q. Can I change my password?
A. There is no change of password.
If you wish to change your password, please do the following.
Go to My page, click on the person who forgot the password on the login screen, enter the email address.
You will receive a password reset email when you click the Send button.
Please access and change the URL with the password reset from the email you received.

Q. Can I order more than 10 pieces in the online shop?
A. We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.
We have received a date than usual. The standard is about 10 sheets 1-2 days. About 20 sheets 3 ~ 4 days. More than 30 sheets is more than 4 days. Please contact the online shop for details.

Q. Can I order 1 piece at the online shop?
A. Basically it becomes the order of 1 piece by piece.
If you have the same handkerchief, the same font, the same color, and only the alphabet are different, you can purchase it as follows.
Please fill in"A1, K3, M2 total 6 sheets" in the information to the store before you purchase the desired number of sheets and put it in the cart. Please confirm that there is no mistake in the number of purchase numbers and the number of listed alphabets.

【Other inquiries about the online shop is here】
TEL: 03-5644-8726 11: 00-17: 00 (Mon-Friday. Except for national holidays, summer and New Year holidays)
※ Please note that the phone may be difficult to connect depending on the situation.

* Replies to inquiries during the holidays will be the next business day.