From the login screenEnter your e-mail address and password.
My page, QR code and order history will be displayed.
CSLpoints" in the lower right corner ★on the bottom right or click on the★on the bottom right.
The screen "Your CSL points" will appear.
The number below it is your current points.
In case of using at a store
(Currently available at the Nihonbashi Ningyocho store and Fukuoka Ohorikouen store.

                    Present the QR code at checkout.
                    (Currently, the QR code cannot be read due to a system malfunction.
                    Please tell the staff your full name when you registered as a member.
                    We will retrieve your membership information.

                     Available for every 100 CSLpoints starting from 100 CSLpoints.
                    Please let us know at checkout how many points you would like to use.
                    We will register it in your bill and give you a discount.

                    Points can be used up to a maximum of 2,000 points per checkout.

                    When using the □Online Shop
                    Click [Redeem] on the discount coupon.
                    Click [Ways to redeem] to redeem the coupon.
                    Click [Ways to redeem], and you will be redirected to the Redeem Discount Coupon screen.
                    [Click [Redeem].
                    (2) Select the number of points you wish to redeem from the current 100 CSL points.
                    Click [Redeem].
                    A coupon code will be issued.

                    Copy the coupon code issued on the above screen.
                    during the payment procedure when you place an order in the online store.
                    Paste or enter the code.
                    Click "Apply code" to apply the code to your order.
                    the discount will be automatically applied on the payment page.
                    If you do not wish to use the code at this time after clicking the "Apply" button, please click
                    Please clear the code if you do not want to use it this time.

                    ①"Ways to earn" on the page after login
                    This is the type of CSL points you can earn.
                    CSLpoints can be earned in the following ways
                    500 CSL points for reviewing a product.
                    100 CSL points] for following us on Twitter
                    100 CSL points] for sharing on Facebook
                    100 CSL points】・【100 CSL points】・【100 CSL points】 for liking us on Facebook on Facebook 【100 CSL points】・Like us on Facebook
                    100 CSL points] for following us on Instagram
100 CSL points】・【100 CSL points】 for registering as a member
                    Click [Follow,Share,Like,Follow] next to each of them.
                    You will be redirected to the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages.
                    Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram.
                    Please share and like us on Facebook! on our Facebook page.
                    You will earn points.