Square dyed


Shantou embroidery

It is the highest peak artume of hand embroidery, which is said to be "human cultural heritage" in the port town swatato in China. 18The century Christ missionaries have created their own embroidery culture as they conveyed European races and embroidery technologies.



Vietnam hand embroidery

Vietnam has been influenced by France, and has been conducted by hand embroidery since ancient times. Features are manual sewing sewing plus. In order to sew a single hand single needle sewing with your hand, the facial expressions of a lot of flowers and animals and other motifs change. It is no exaggeration to say that there are no exact things. The stitching and stitches are technology unique to hand embroidery.




Lace Handka Chief of Original Design Using the Eternal Motif and Valuable Lace and Tulle. The fabric inside and the race are carefully sewed, and the Japanese-style work is a beautiful handkerchief.