mico Type B (Rose)


18 The fabric is woven with three thicker yarns twisted together. The fabric is woven with three twisted yarns of thicker #18 yarn. The fabric is moderately thick and soft to the touch, like something between a handkerchief and a towel. The fabric is made of sea island cotton, which is said to be the highest quality cotton. The fabric is lustrous and wrinkle-resistant.

The product name "mico" is derived from the word "mikoshi," which means three threads twisted together.

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Size: 23 cm x 23 cm, 100% cotton, made in Japan
Product number: 081016-9652-31

<Recommended initial embroidery>
Letter: №9
Position: bottom right, nanaame
Thread color: light gray

Amount: ¥550

*For initial embroidery customers, please

note that

this product has a characteristic fabric and if you choose the embroidery thread of the same color as the handkerchief, it will be difficult to see the initial embroidery, so please be careful when choosing the thread color