-Shantou hand embroidery handker chief-SWATOW [Heritage 7776]


The early 18th century.
The city Shantou was brought about by the Italian missionary. In the southern part of the Chinese continent, at the time, the port is an old port facing the East China Sea, which was an anchoring atmosphere called Junk. In this area, many women were involved in handicraft work as family jobs.

Since the European traditional embroidery technology has been brought about, technologies that fuse the sense of Western Europe are fused to Chinese ancient patterns such as 凰 and dragons, and established as China's three major embroidery "Shantou embroidery".

Women are grown while her mother sees her mother to stabbing the needle, and it is easy to see and can be seen by a simple embroidery at the age of 5. And in the age of 15, many of them are involved in embroidery work. Embroidery frame and needle, thread, scissors made using bamboo and wisteria. Use only it, stab the needle with a surprising speed, and finish it with embroidery techniques that are said to have over 100 or more patterns.

In this way, the mother's daughter throat has been transmitted over 200 years. Many of the patterns feel an antique taste that many of them were brought from Europe.

Shantou Handka Chief, which is the excellence of the outstanding hand work. Because natural fibers are used, it is also a great attraction that it combines water absorption and practicality. Unfortunately, with the modernization, most traditions have been lost.Shantou Handka Thai, which is rare, please see yourself.

Column: Shantou Hand embroidery Hanka Chiaf "Neute Square with Microsoft">

Size: 29 cm × 29 cm 100% embroidery thread: 100% cotton Chinese
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