The Golf Goods


Cotton satin ladies handkerchief depicting an essential item to a golf.
Golf Club Golf Wear, Back, etc.
On a holiday, the day I went to the course is a break in a cafe during a break, and I can do various ways to put my cell phone in a mobile phone, and I can use various ways to get on my knees.
Besides wiping your hands, why not overto the handcaffe tortally?
In addition, it is also recommended that you take a golf of golf from now on while looking at the golf goods of Hanka Chizu.
How about your own and gifts?

Size: 41 cm × 41 cm Cotton 100% Made in Japan
Item #: 081238-2510-10

Character: No19
Location: lower right vertical (under ribbon)
Thread color: Mazenda
Amount: ¥ 400

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