Please be careful about the Instagram fake account for "Classics The Small Luxury". 2020.12.10

A suspicious Instagram account was confirmed that "Classics The Small Luxury" was confirmed.

In this account, it is a brand official account, and the user name icon profile is similar, but there is no relationship with this brand.

In addition, DM (direct message) is sent from this site to the customer, or a follow request is not performed.

For customers who have received DM and Follow requests from false accounts, please do not access the URL, and to remove DM and prevent damage.

The correct account is as follows.

[Official Instagram Account]
※ "Undervar (half-width)" only between the account name Small and Luxury.

Query E-mail Address

【Fake Instagram Account】
※ "Dot" before the underbar (half size) between the account name SMALL and LUXURY.

Query E-mail Address
CSL-Online Blooming CO JP
※ None "at mark" between Online and Blooming. No "dot" between Blooming, CO, and JP.

There is a possibility that the same fake account may exist in addition to the above, so please be sure to check the user name.

In addition, when a fake account is confirmed, I have reported that Spam reporting is a spomor as an idle account.