[Once a month gallery] October "NONIIN". Designer Yuko Tokuda's playful new collection is on sale!

This autumn, under the title of " Once a month gallery ", we will release handkerchiefs by artists and designers active in various fields from September to November

. Please pay attention to the artistic space that changes every month in the store.

October is "NONIIN". NONIIN" is a Finnish word which is interesting and useful to convey your feeling and mood to others by the tone and intonation of your voice like a mallet. We will release new handkerchiefs by designer Yuko Tokuda, who has designed many handkerchiefs since the brand was founded, from October16 (Sat).

Unfinished Handkerchief

The new handkerchiefs, " girl's profile" with an impressive profile of a woman and " Still life " with a vase of flowers, will be completed by embroidering one of 10 motifs, such as jewelry or flowers, on any place of your choice. The actual vase (Still green ) depicted on the " Still life " handkerchief will also be available. Handling differs from store to store.

(Left) girl's profile (custom embroidery of jewelry motifs on the ears) (
Right) Still life
(custom embroidery of flower motifs)

List of 10

kinds of motifs to choose from

2,750Yen (tax included) *The price includes one motif.

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The time until the handkerchief is delivered depends on the number of orders, the contents of the orders and the congestion.
At Aminu-Plaza Kagoshima and online shop, we offer a combination of each handkerchief with a recommended motif embroidery.



The story of the Red Riding Hood, the North Wind and the Sun, and the Little Mermaid are newly added to the popular HIKKOMI


2,750 yen (tax included )

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take care

The new version of this long-selling product with the message " merci " (thank you) in red stitching says " take

care" with the meaning of "take care" and "take care of yourself". This is a piece of clothing that is in tune with today's times and is designed with the recipient in mind.

2,200Yen (tax included )

(Left) Merci: Click here for product details >
(Right) take care
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New colors forHIKKOMI Cat & Dog


Cat and Dog, which have been popular since their launch, are now available in nuanced colors.

2,200 yen (tax included )

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Purchase bonus] We will prepare an original message card for customers who purchase Yuko Tokuda's handkerchief. Please note that the number is limited and will end as soon as it is gone. Please understand.