More than 100 "bodyguard embroidery" services started at the online shop from today.

Lucky motifs that exist in Japan but also around the world.
We are called "Bodyguard", Lucky motif like "Amulet" that brings the owner away from bad luck and brings good luck.
The four-leaf clover, which is also said to be a symbol of peace, a star that means guidance to hope, etc.More than 100 "Bodyguard Embroidery" services will be started at online shops from today.Handka tieInstead of the amulet, do you need to punish the bag and pocket and carry a small secret luxury?

■ Bodyguard embroidery
· 1 / ¥ 660 ~ ¥ 770 (tax included)
· Days / 7 to 10 days

Good luck safety love success Economic fortune health victory Academic

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When you choose a bodyguard embroidery, you have an original card. A special message with high message is also recommended for gifts to important people.