3 graphic handkerchiefs that color summer are released

3 patterns of graphic handkerchiefs"Watermelon","Happy Hour"and"POOL"that color summer have been released.

On the handkerchief of the summer tradition"Watermelon", ants invited by the sweet smell are drawn mixed with seed dots. For"Happy Hour", which expresses the golden ratio of foam, temperature feeling, and foam feeling that you want to drink involuntarily, a smile mark is one of the bubbles of beer."POOL", which is impressive for dogs swimming while cool, is designed with a border of views of the sky, the sea, and the pool.

All of the new pieces are playful and unique handkerchiefs.


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Happy Hour


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Various ¥2,200 (tax included)

Limited-time package information

For a limited time from 7/17 (Sat) to 8/31 (Tue), we offer a limited summer package for free.If you put a stamp, you can send it as a mail item outside the fixed form as a package.Why don't you give a handkerchief to your loved one to enjoy the summer?

※ The postage stamp becomes the image.Please be prepared by the customer.
* If you would like "Limited package" at the online shop, please select "Limited package" at the time of selection of gift wrapping.
※ It becomes the end as soon as it is gone.