Always beside, lucky motif.The bodyguard embroidery fair will be held from 6/25 (Friday).

Lucky motif exists not only in Japan but also around the world.

Each motif has a meaning, such as"dove", which is familiar as a symbol of peace,"suzuran", which means the arrival of happiness, and"bear"of wisdom and courage.

We call the Handkerchief Concierge"Bodyguard", a lucky motif that keeps the owner away from bad luck and brings good luck, like an"amulet".handkerchief.Instead of an amulet, why not sneak it into your bag or pocket and carry it with you a little secret luxury?

2021Year6Moon25From day (Friday), we will hold a fair of bodyguard embroidery.During the period, each store is selling linen handkerchiefs embroidered with"bodyguard"recommended by the Handkerchiefs Concierge.

It is also an attraction unique to this fair that you can hand over bodyguard embroidered handkerchiefs that usually take about 1 week.

In addition, on the website, a selection by the online shop manager20 kindsWe offer a wide range of services to meet your specific needs.The handkerchief with high message bodyguard embroidery is a gift for important people.It is also recommended as a special gift.

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