[re-edit] folding fans are now available at the online shop

[re-edit] fans have started to be launched at the online shop.

What is [re-edit]?
There are handkerchiefs with small scratches and stains on the fabric that sometimes get out in the manufacturing process.re-edit is a product that breathes breath again into those that were supposed to be discarded if conventionally, and was born a new one.

The design of each handkerchief that can be used was made to the maximum, and it was tailored to fit the fan side by the technique of the craftsman.

In the coming season, when it gets hot and humid, on the train, in the office, when you walk.Let it sneak into the bag and feel the soft breeze at any time.

Depending on the recycled product, each one is one point.I would be happy if you can visit your favorite design like looking for treasures.

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