The handkerchief recommended for the new life with the theme of evergreen.

April begins new year soon.

On the theme of evergreen, the design of the four leaf clover motif, the simple dot new pattern, and the handkerchief which can be turned on and off are recommended for the new life.

Let's start with a new handkerchief with a new feeling.

To be in clover type B

It is a figure expressing the overlapping clover in gradation.

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Where is the four leaf clover?

A handkerchief like a clover cut off the blue ground. Will you find four leaf clover?

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【 Dots (Navy)

Simple handkerchief of a dot. The fabric is made of sea island cotton, which has long fiber length and smooth skin.

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Ivy stripe

In the business scene, the dark color suit is inserted into the private color, and the back pocket is shown from the back pocket.

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Expressed the rose in the geometric pattern. A circular cut out tile with a circular arcGraphical design


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