Art autumn is from Hanka Chief. 2020.10.5

Why don't you enjoy one "music" of the art of art from the Handkerchief?

We launched the launch of the handkerchief that is related to music, such as a record and a music score. Introduce all seven patterns.


Design the piano keyboard on the Handka Chief Heme.Satin's elegant glossMakes the Grand Piano Associative.

¥2,000 Size: 47 cm × 47 cm

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A simple one design designed for the score.

¥ 2,000 Size: 47cm × 47 cm

Special details of the special case Product details>


Piano, saxophone, drums etcDesign various instruments.

¥ 2,000 Size: 47cm × 47 cm

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Record Type B

A graphical piece designed a record on the entire surface of the handkerchief.

¥ 2,000 Size: 41 cm × 41 cm

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Handkerchief of "Punk Rabbit" depicted with score gentle and music symbol.

¥ 2,000 Size: 45cm × 45 cm

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Four beats

4 Reproduction of 4 beat rhythms in color of color surface color.

¥ 2,000 Size: 45cm × 45 cm

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LIFE is one Two Punch !!

"LIFE IS One Two Punch!" "I drew in the piano keyboard character♫ Life is a hand-to-two-punch ~ "There are various life, but I want to go on one-two-punch."

¥ 2,000 Size: 45cm × 45 cm

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