SIC Color Series 108 Colors Launched 2020.8.31

"Cotton Cotton, the Calibbean Climate,".

The day and night's temperature difference is low, and the world's best cotton is growing in this blessed area with exquisite climate cycles. The name is "Cotton Cotton"

Sea Island Cotton Abbreviation:SICEnglish language:SEA Island Cotton(Sea Ayland Cotton) is characterized by one-piece fiber length with a longer skin. Sea Island cotton, picking and picking, also called fiber jewelry. I will not hurt my fiber by being carefully done by human hands.
We used the seaworthy cotton to weave into a dough dedicated to handkerchiefs.
A newly released "SiC Color Series" is color variations from the thoughts that you want to use for many people108color.Every 12 colors, the meaning of the color was divided into nine themes.Sky colors, sweet colors, salad colors, minerals of humor, such as humor.
The rice carefully does not use one piece of sewing, and it has a solid stitching and sterically rolled up. Dyeing is carefully carefully carefully with hand shadows. Sea Island cotton grown in hand work.
We are also carefully finished in handkerchief at hand work as much as possible in Japan.

SiC Color series
Size 45 cm × 45 cm
1,800(Tax excluded)

※ SCI color series will be released sequentially every one theme (12 colors).Deployment products differ depending on the store. note that. 

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