Thaks gift-Spring gifts with heart to important people-

"Thank you so far, thank you from now on"

To the important people, such as graduation, admission and job him celebration and change greetings.

Can't deliver a gift with a heart?

Classix The Small Luxury offers a wide range of handkerchiefs of design that expresses the thoughts of "Thank you".


Introduce the "Thank you" series

39 (Sankyu)

Handker chills represented by the numbers "39" (Sunquiew) of the tulle race of floral. One piece like a message card that conveys the thoughts of gratitude.

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39 Berry Berry Match (Sankee Berry Berry Match)

Thank you very much, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH! Want to put the feelings of humor and pass? "39」The numbers are represented by a cute three-dimensional embroidery. I designed a simple cotton whitening area with a sense of transparency and designed1Sheet.

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[Launched from 3/22] Menemi 2-Sunkus

A number of thankful messages expressed in designs like crossword puzzles. The size of 43 x 43 cm can be used regardless of men and women.

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【Online Boutique Limited Item】39 HAND

Thank you for being shaking hands one piece drawn. Each cufflink button "39」I was interested in the design of (Sankyu).

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Ant10Thank you! At the beginning of Ali, add an initial embroidery to a special piece.

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A red stitch appears on a white linen fabric.Merci(Mercy)Handkerchief means "thank you" in French. In accent of design with initials embroidery of the same color.

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Hot cruise cookies

To those who love sweet things.Design expressed with cookies with gratitude to overflow. Cookies are spread to the edge of the handkerchief, and the pop-cute icing cookies are drawn on the [Thank You] message.

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