Handka chizfish is a nice bag! Introducing the attractiveness of Hanka Chief Ring Belt Someco.

Handker cheek ring belt that began with "SOMETHING ECO"SOMECO(Samko). It is an eco-bag of a new catachi that can easily make a handker cheetle with a ring belt and make a nice bag easily.

Handkerchief drawstring bag

As a new utilization method of Handka Thaf, your favorite handker teasy is the ring belt "SOMECOJust connect to (Samko), you can easily make fashionable bags. Since the shape changes by the way of tying, it can be enjoyed as a bag, and if the belt part is put into the neck, it can be used as a meal an apron if it ties both ends of the handkerchief.

How to make a simple bag with 3STEP

 How to make a handkerchief bag

STEP1 Fold Handkerchief Half

STEP2 Pass the fabric of the left and right ends through the respective ring

STEP3 Feeding!

More detailed making from this video>

As an eco-bag of everyday shopping


20207Regenerated bags started from the moon. It is also active as an eco bag if it is a large format handkerchief or scarf. In the necessary scenes, make it easy and do not use it in the bag. Because it is a compact item, it is recommended when the luggage is increasing in summer trips and returning home!

Eco bag
Since the bag making using this ring is a simple handbag bag, please be careful when putting on a heavy or valuable product. ※ Scarf will be staff private.

 Bag and meal apron for Japanese run

Handkerchief drawstring bag

 It is a refreshing bag with a clean belt cooling in a yukata

 Bag drawstring handkerchief

Dining An apron or an elegant bag at Nume leather belt

 Favorite Handka Chief and Cloth × Someco Infinite Combination

Handkerchief bag

Handkerchief with various variations, such as floral patterns and Japanese patterns, pretty races and good stitching materials. How about enjoying the original bag with your favorite pattern according to the scene or lifestyle you want to use?

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