At handwritten sign, my only handkerchief in the world.

Classix The Small Luxury offers handkerchief embroidery services.

We will introduce embroidery to your favorite position of the Handka chills you choose and make a special piece. The types of embroidery are roughly divided into three.

The first is "Initial embroidery" to select the alphabet

The second is "motif embroidery" which is selected from amulet and bridal motifs around the world

The third is "Signature embroidery" embroidered with signs and illustrations of shares

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In this column, from Fukuoka Ohori Park (currently renewal) store manager, Mr. Ueda, the most originality signature embroidery attractiveness and order method.

-Sye-san's signatar embroidery attractiveness What is the attraction of Signature embroidery? 

Initial embroidery has more than 100 types of typhoids, motif embroidery (such as animals and constellations), and combinations with handkerchief are infinite. You can enjoy the "Choose" Koto.

On the other hand, signature embroidery can enjoy "making".

Create an embroidery type in the sign or illustration written by yourself and put embroidery into the handker chiz.

I would like to make my own original sign I thought about, I would like to write a name in a letter that is familiar with people who are familiar with people, or express my thoughts.

 -Please tell me the Handka Chief chosen to put embroidery.

The first Handka Chille to commemorate has gentle colored taste of a favorite hemp chet. I would like to enjoy the aging of the hemp that the softer increases as you use it.

-Signature Embroidery order method

STEP1:Create sign

We will write signs and illustrations to embroider with a dedicated order sheet.

Please write with black pen so that it falls within the frame of 40 × 40 mm / 15 x 50 mm (vertical and horizontal freedom).

When you fill in, you can not write it as a nervous and think of it.

STEP 2:Embroidered thread color selection

We will chose thread color and arrangement of embroidered thread color and embroidered thread color, filling out the handker chills who were selected in advance.

代 代 ¥ ¥ 600 You can choose to 2 colors.

The thread color chose light brown together with the color of the handkerchief fabric. If you combine the color and thread color used for the handker chew, such as the color of the fabric, the color and thread color, the overall familiar will be better. The embroidery position is a little casual impression with diagonal. It is one of the fun of embroidered order that the finish image changes as garalli by changing thread color and embroidery position.

 -In the order to here, order at the storeIs finished. -


Create an embroidery type based on the brush sign you have received, and the sample will be completed in about two weeks.

After confirming the finish of the sample, we will embroider embroidered into the handkerchief.

The embroidery type sample created will be handed over to the card. It is also stored at the store that created embroidery. Once created, embroidered type can be embroidered at the store.

※ Embroidery-time Early separately 1 sheet ¥ 600 It is also possible to change the color of the embroidery yarn each time it matches the color of the handkerchief.

STEP: 3Hand

-What impressions are you actually making a handker cheek that has been made?

Handka chills that were embroidered by yourself were originality, and I realized that I have a high degree of signature embroidery. I am looking forward to seeing which handkerchief.

-What person can use signature embroidery while being customers?

 It is used by a wide range of customers. Children who can write your name yourself are one of the commemorative memorial to leave their adorable letters in Handkerchief.

Customers who look forward to embroidering a newly tuned handkerchief every year in your birth month and look forward to increasing the collection. In addition to signs, we accept various original embroidery, such as faded crest and original illustration.

Come, don't you just make one piece in the world?

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