Handkerchief with family with family

September 21st is the day of the elderly.

I can not feel free to meet this year, Grandpa and Grandma and "Alignment Handca Tiaf".

At the moment you wipe your hands, you remember the family, or a matching handkerchief that daddy in the bag or pocket. It may be embarrassing, but it may be embarrassing ... but just a secret that only the family knows and does not work a little.

Initial font together.
Motif together.
The handle together.

Recommended handkerchief proposal

Same initial font with family

【SIC color】 ¥ 1,800

Handkerchief Initial Embroidery

Simple designSICIn the color series, put initial embroidery in a matching font special1On the sheet! The type of font isAt the store, you can choose from 11 types of online boutiques.

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Same motif with family

【Hikkomi no】 ¥ 2,000


A dog pulling out is expressed by embroidery,A unique embroidery is an impressive handkerchief. "Grandpa is blue" "Grandma is red" and "Dad is Yellow Kana ~" It is also one of the important gifts.


Same pattern with family

【To Be In Clover Type B】
(Green / Blue) ¥ 2,000

Symbol of happiness, four leaf clover. We expressed overlapping clover by gradient1It is a piece.


[Crystal Apple]
(Red / Green) ¥ 2,000

Apple handkerchief

Apple handkerchief

A piece that is like a cut glass is an impressive. The fabric uses a jacquard fabric woven with a grid pattern.

On the day of honor,Handka cheeks with a family.Why don't you connect your thoughts to a catach?

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