Playful summer.- Playful graphical summer handkerchief

I was invited by the sunshine of the sun and the wind of the smell of summer, and I felt a little"excited".Why not enjoy the summer season from hand?Introducing a playful graphical handkerchief.Please try to find your favorite one by all means.

# 01 A unique piece of summer

A new handkerchief that uniquely depicts summer scenes.

an ant who pretends to be a watermelon seed?There is a dog swimming while cool in the sea, a face mark with a smile on the bubble of beer.One piece of summer that makes you smile involuntarily is also recommended for a little summer gift.

#02 it's cold. Dessert that does not melt

Ice candy filled with pulp and shaved ice handkerchief.A graphic illustration of the classic dessert of the cold summer.How about a gift of dessert that does not melt in a summer greeting?

#03 it's like a resort.

The pool is designed on the entire surface of the handkerchief.The light swaying on the water surface is one piece of cool impression.