Sea Island Cotton (Sea Ayland Cotton)

It was called "Phantom Cotton"

This talented cotton is a 16th century day, its elegant feel and a high gloss, and it is said that the UK queen's heart was placed. Since then, the UK nobles have protected the cotton in 200 years and unexpectedly.

"Sea Ayland Cotton" fed by the wind and sun of the Caribbean Sea

Western Indian Islands floating in the Caribbean Sea
Barbados, Antigua, Nevis, Jamaica, and Belize.
This limited area can be grown with only five areas.
The reason why the world's best cotton grew up alone is in that climate.
Annual sunshine time is 3,000 hours or more, exquisite balance of rainy season and dry season,
And I have this unbelievable condition to grow cotton.

Gentle, strong, beautiful, and grilled

A sense of glossy like cassmere, silk like silk.
The biggest feature is overwhelmingly long and thin fibers.
The longer the fibers, the thinner, the thinner and the more thinner, the more thin and strength.
In addition, Cei Land Cotton is the largest in natural twisting in cotton,
Through any cotton soft taste, we will show outstanding hygroscopicity.
Furthermore, the glossy feeling of silk is more than 50% reflectivity compared to other cotton.
A gloss that does not seem to be very cotton is an elegant expression.

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