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I love the snow!

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 Collaboration series with artist Isamu Gakiya3The first installment of a series of collaborations with artist Isamu Gakiya. A being giving the gift of snow and a child playing in the snow. The source of the joyful feelings that well up in our hearts may always be due to someone's gift.

How about sharing the snowfall with non-snowy lands so that everyone can enjoy it, in order to alleviate the hardships of the lands that are suffering from the snow? Mr. Isamu Gakiya, "Mr. Weather

Please take a look at the special movie with the same illustration. The handkerchief and special movie are available in total6We are planning to have a total of 3 movies. Please enjoy the relationship between various tears and handkerchiefs.

<Recommended initial embroidery
Letter: No. 15
Position: Lower right vertical

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Gakiya Isamu
Born in Okinawa and currently residing in Tokyo, Gakiya is an artist. Inspired by horror movies and American comic books, his works are pop and colorful, yet somehow grotesque and humorous. His style is a mixture of analog and digital, using various techniques such as drawing, collage, and painting to create his own unique world, which has gained enthusiastic support from various fields.

45 x 45cm100% cottonmade in Japan

I love the snow!
I love the snow! Sale price₱800.00

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For gifts

The concept of this handkerchief, such as "The fun feeling may be someone's gift", was very wonderful, so I purchased it as a present. I think the handkerchief is vivid and energetic.

Vivid and beautiful

I thought that the real thing would be shallow, but it was a beautiful print as shown in the photo.

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