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SKU: 081535-2046-01

SIC Towel Gran Heart

Sale price₱700.00

Towel handkerchief. The fabric is made of Sea Island cotton. Towel cloth finished with sea-island cotton, known as the jewel of fibers, is soft to the touch and has excellent absorbency. The fabric is densely woven with 90/2 count fine yarn, which gives it a soft texture that is comfortable to the hand. The surface of the fabric is cut by a process called shirring, which gives it a velvety, shiny texture.

Letter: No. 9
Position: Lower right vertical

For customers who use initial embroidery
Please choose the embroidery thread of the same color as the fabric for the towel handkerchief, otherwise it will be difficult to see the initial embroidery.
Please note that this product is smaller in size.

SIC Towel Gran Heart
SIC Towel Gran Heart Sale price₱700.00
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