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SKU: 081276-9051-10

Maki Kaori TypeA

Sale price₱1,200.00

<Recommended initial embroidery
Letter: No. 9
Position: Lower right vertical
Thread color: Navy
Amount: ¥550
Graphic artist
Using plants and human energy as motifs, she develops from a single picture into product, video, and space design.
In addition to his own creative activities, he has been involved in many collaborations with artists and companies in Japan and abroad,
In recent years, he has been focusing on digital works in collaboration with Apple Inc. and Adobe Systems Inc.
He received a Jury Recommendation in the Art Division of the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival.
Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Design.

Maki Kaori TypeA
Maki Kaori TypeA Sale price₱1,200.00
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