1 Classics The Small Luxury Home Page Under the lower right of CSLPoints ★"or"★Because there is a mark of "click.

"CSLPoints ★"or"★When opened, the screen called [CSL Points] is displayed. If you have not registered as a member, "Registration". If you have registered as a member, click "Sign IN".
□ New member registration → 3
□ Membership registered → 4

3 Click on member registration and register information (click New Member Registration) Registration completed.
My page right lower right"CSLPoints ★"or"★"open.

"Sign IN" will display My Page, so "CSLPoints ★"or"★When you open it, the current point will be displayed on the screen.
• Click "Redeem" to exchange points with coupon code.
· Your Rewards displays the number of coupon codes that you currently have.
※ The image will be displayed with one coupon.
□ How to get points to → 5
□ How to use points → 8

5 "WAYS TO EARN] is a way to acquire CSL Points.
CSLPoints can earn points with the following contents.
  • If you review a product review 【500 CSL Points】
  • When following Twitter [100 CSL Points]
  • Like Facebook! Then [100 CSL Points]
  • If you follow Instagram [100 CSL Points]
  • When registered as a member [100 CSL Points]

6 About acquisition of points in product review
If you are registered with e-mail magazines, you will receive a review request email after a few days of product purchases at the store or online shop.
From the email you arrived, if you post a review, the point will be approved automatically.

Twitter, Facebook, INSTAGRAM
Click on the red frame of the image below. A 100CSL Points will be given automatically for each item.

8 Click the red frame of the lower left image "WAYS to Redeem" to replace the lower right image. Black square Click "Redeem".
* 100 CSL Points is replaced as ¥ 100 to coupon code.
Determine how to replace the point currently held at the slide of the lower left image.
※ It will be replaced by 100CSL POINTS.
Click "Redeem" if you decide the number of points to be replaced.
You can replace it with coupon code like the lower right image.

  • Copy the coupon code and put it on or enter the purchase procedure when ordering the online shop, and then paste or enter.
  • Click "Apply Code (Code Apply)"A discount will be applied automatically on the product purchase page. If you do not want to apply a discount, erase the code.