Marunouchi Shop Limited Original Package Notice

Maru Building20Anniversary / Shinmaru Building15To commemorate the anniversary, from September 6 (Tuesday) at the Classics the Small Luxury Maru Marui shopLimited package as an anniversary commemorative campaignI prepared it.

Marunouchi shop limited original package

From September 6 (Tuesday), if you have purchased a handkerchief, we will have an original package limited to the Maru Building.

* Ends as soon as it runs out (2 types)

Introducing present events from Maru Building / Shinmaru Building

The first 500 people limited to 500 people will be presented!

Opening of Maru Building20Anniversary / Shinmaru Building Opening15First -come -first -served handkerchiefs with an original design that embroidered the anniversary logo of the anniversary500I will give you a present to the name. Anniversary concept "Your Palette"We have prepared a wide variety of color variations.

* Only once per person
* Colors cannot be selected.

Location: Maru BuildingB1Before the entrance side of Tokyo Station
Date:9Moon6Sunday (Tue)11Time00Finish as soon as it is gone
Conditions: Maru Building / Shinmaru Building OfficialInstagrammaru_shinmaruPlease present the follow screen of).