How to make solid mask

Materials (size for adult women)

· 1 handkerchief (47 × 47 cm)
· 2 rubber for mask (each, about 30 cm)


· You can download the mold paper by clicking "Download".
· Please print with A4 and 100%.

1. Copy mold paper 

 Handkerchief, folded into a vertical, and captures the front and lining type paper. Lining is until the line of "Lining around".

2. Cut along the mold

Keep cutting along the mold. Each of the front and backing can be performed.

3. Each surface, lining, respectively sewn

Two sewing sewing of the curved part 1 cm together with two sides of the front and backing, sewing 1 cm.

4. Put a break on the curve part

The curve part is cut off at 2 cm intervals while preventing seams.

5. Sewage of surface and lining in a medium

Irons and sewing.

Match the surface and lining in the medium.


Sew the curve part with a sewing fee 5 mm.

6. Sew the side of the surface

Curate up and turn it with ironing.

Take both sides of the outer side three or sew.

7. Pass rubber on both sides

Through rubber. ※ The point is to hide in the knot!

8. Completion of mask