Handkerchiefs with "Embroidery paradise" theme to go on sale on November 4 (Fri.)

Put the warmth of the embroidered world in the palm of your hand. Today, we are releasing handkerchiefs with the theme of "Embroidery paradise.

The handkerchiefs with embroidery are available in two colors.different from printed handkerchiefs in its warmth and tenderness.and elegance.The detailed expression of the motifs, the three-dimensionality of the colored threads, etc.It is beautiful just to look at it, just like a painting.

A small piece that fits in the palm of your hand.It is a small piece that fits in the palm of your hand, and within it we have expressed a variety of techniques and world views. Delicacy, glamour, playfulness...Please enjoy the expressive world of embroidery.

paradise bouquets

Colorful bouquets of flowers blooming in "paradise," a paradise where ideal beauty and happiness are realized, are printed and hand-embroidered in Vietnam. This handkerchief is of a higher grade with an added three-dimensional effect that cannot be expressed by a flat print alone. It is recommended for celebrations and parties, as it gives a gorgeous impression when spread out.

5,500 yen (tax included)
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Line Stitch Flower

This design is an abstract flower embroidered with a slightly thicker thread that looks like a single brush stroke. The three-dimensional embroidery is fully applied for a noble atmosphere. The hem (edge) is also carefully designed with a scalloped hem with a swirling pattern, which creates an elegant drape when you hold it.

Available in three colors: navy/beige/ivory
3,850 yen (tax included)
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 Ribbon Emb

Ribbon motifs are stretched over the entire surface of this unique handkerchief. The white base has a light and lovely impression, while the black base is elegant with colors that seem to glow in the dark.

Available in two colors: white and black.
3,330 yen (tax included)
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