4/23 (Sat), 24 (Sun) held "Sustainable Fashion Week 2022" News

April 23, 2012 (Sat) -24th (Sun)InWe will exhibit at Sustainable Fashion Week 2022, where Earth Day Tokyo will be held.

"Hikkomi (Hikomi) Silly Pulling Various Animals of Handka ChiefIncluding, environmentally friendly natural fiber hemp material handker ties and children of children's handkerchief brand "Bloomie's (Bloom's)".

The product you purchased will be delivered in the package made by recycling the handkerchief.

If you purchased the day, you will receive an "initial embroidery free ticket" that you can use at the store later! We also hold workshops of "Kurumi Button". When you come near, please stop by.

[Date and time of holding]

April 23, 2012 (Sat) 12: 00-18: 00
April 24, 2012 (Sun) 11: 00-17: 00

MIYASHITA PARK Rooftop "Miyashita Park" MAP
(Free admission: rainy weather)
Booth opening place: 14 "Handkerchief shop in puppet town"

 [Workshop Handkerchief's Atelier]

You can create a "Kurumi Button" that uses a scratch of scratches and dirt on a fabric that sometimes makes it out of the manufacturing process.

How to join: Brand official Instagram account (@classics_the_small_luxuryFollowing)

Cost: free

■ About Earth Day Tokyo

The world's largest Earth Festival "Earth Day" that approximately 500 million people began in 1970. "Earth Day Tokyo", which began in 2001 as the Tokyo Tokyo, is a variety of projects with multiple venues such as Yoyogi Park and Miyashita Park, such as the "Earth Day" on his April 22 this year. Expand.This year's catch copy is "Smile 100 Challenge! ~ Diversity Wind ~". Aiming for 100 collaborations for realization of action, we will expand our environmental movement throughout society.