Amu Plaza Kagoshima Shop Limited Fair Notice

Amu Plaza Kagoshima 18th AnniversaryFrom Friday, September 16th to commemorate"SIC Color Series" will develop a total of 108 colors.There are plenty of color variations, so why not choose a gift while thinking of your favorite color as well as your own?

"Find Saigo -san!" Get an original sticker


Line up at the store"SIC Color Series"The embroidery of "Saigo -san" is hidden in the handkerchief. Please look for where you are. Customers who have searched will receive one original sticker.

* All 4 patterns are available, and it will end as soon as it is gone.

■ Implementation period: From Friday, September 16, 2022 to September 25 (Sun)

■ "SIC Color" Development of 108 colors and original stickers will be presented
* The sticker will end as soon as it is gone.

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