June 1 (Tuesday) released the Handkerchief of limited design with Takarazuka Opera Official Shop "Cattle Lev"

As a gift for giving a daily gratitude, the Handka chillfish drawn by "Hat" and "Stick", Takarazuka Opera Official Shop "Cattle Lev (All5We will sell in "store" and "Cattlefeighs Online".

I designed "hat" and "stakes" with a sick color that reminiscent of men role. The red ribbon that shines in the navy is connected with the Hanka chills of the "Shanshian" pattern on sale and also served. How about the gift for Father's Day and the important person?

[Product content]

price: 1,800Circle(tax included)

size: 41 cm×41 cm


Country of origin:made in Japan

 Handka chewed by Shanshian pattern is from here>


[Sales place]

 Cattle Leave5Store Takarazuka / Tokyo Theater / His Valley Store / Umeda Store / Fukuoka Store

 Cattle Lev Online



[Contact information]

 TEL: 0797-83-6000

Takarazuka Creative Arts Customer Center