Handkerchiefs featuring deep-sea fishes such as giant squid and giant octopus to go on sale from July 3 (Monday)

Starting July 3, handkerchiefs with a deep-sea fish motif will go on sale. The humorous, one-pointed embroidery expresses ".HIKKOMI(The new handkerchiefs include the "HIKKOMI" series with humorous one-point embroidery and printed handkerchiefs depicting the world of fish that live in waters deeper than 200 meters.

Embroidered handkerchiefHIKKOMIDeep-sea fish series

The unique design of various animals pulling the edge of the handkerchief has been popular since its release.HIKKOMI(This summer, "Deep-sea fish" will join the "HIKIKKOMI" series, which has been popular since its launch.

Clockwise from top left: Mendicant Octopus, Nautilus, Giant Squid, and Flying Fish.


We have focused on "deep-sea fish," which have a unique form that is grotesque and cute at the same time. The giant squid, nautilus, the fluttering nautilus, and the open-mouthed fucoid clinging to the rocky shore, all with their adorable expressions.

Mysterious fishes are pulling and grabbing handkerchiefs, somewhat relaxing and healing.

2,750 yen each (tax included)

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Printed handkerchief "deep sea world

Fish live in waters deeper than 200 meters. The mysterious sea world of deep sea fishes is vividly designed like a paper cutout. Giant cuttlefish, giant octopus, nautiluses, nautiluses, fusiliers, colorful corals and seaweeds. This handkerchief is like a page from a picture book.

The base is a gradation of deep sea tones.

2.200 yen (tax included)

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How about a summer gift or a gift for those who love deep-sea fish?

■Official Instagram Giveaway Campaign

To celebrate the launch, we will hold a present campaign on our official Instagram, where you can win by following and commenting.

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June 27, 2023 (Tue) - July 17, 2023 (Mon) 23:59

Present product

HIKKOMIOne of four patterns from the deep-sea fish series will be given to 10 winners by drawing.

*Patterns cannot be selected.

How to apply


Official Classics the Small Luxury Instagram account @classics_the_Follow @small_luxury

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Comment "your favorite deep-sea fish" on the campaign post to complete your entry.

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