Celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day together. Handkerchiefs to say "Thank you to my parents" go on sale April 7.

 Thanks Mom Thanks Dad

May 14 is Mother's Day. Once a year, it is a day to express our gratitude.

A handkerchief is an item that gently accompanies the bearer and reminds them of their loved one when they hold it in their hands. It is such an item. A gift that gently and casually expresses your daily gratitude.

This year, why not give a handkerchief to your father along with your mother?
We have prepared new handkerchiefs that will be a delightful gift for each of them.

This year, there are two types of flower bouquets!

Carnation Bouquet

Carnations are expressed in shades of gray to create a sense of depth. Carnations drawn with a soft watercolor touch throughout the bouquet create a gorgeous impression.
Available in two colors: white (spread) and pink (boxed).

A slightly translucent "shimmering" material is used, which allows the wearer to feel the knots in the fibers.

2,200 yen (tax included)

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Botanical Bouquet Spring/Summer

This bouquet is a collection of flowers in bloom from spring to summer. Each flower is painted in minute detail, and even the smallest details are freshly expressed. Ranunculus, anemones, lilies, pansies, tulips, and many other flowers are depicted in this piece. The glossy and lustrous master seed satin fabric enhances the pattern.
Like a bouquet of fresh flowers, this handkerchief bouquet will be beautiful forever for your mother.

2,200 yen (tax included)

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Cafe Drink


15 different kinds of drinks are depicted. Coffee, espresso, cafe latte, mocha. There are also beer, juice, and melon soda! You are sure to find one drink that your father likes. If you embroider your initials on it, it will be an even more special piece.

The material is 100% linen for long-lasting use. Available in beige, brown, and blue.

3,300 yen (tax included)

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Handkerchief Flower Gift

A handkerchief made of sea-island cotton is made into a rose flower. It can be enjoyed as a decoration for a while, and then spread out to use as a handkerchief.
You can give one to the father and one to the mother in different colors.


From left to right: light pink, pink, blue, and yellow.

2,750 yen (tax included)

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Why don't you give a handkerchief to your mother and father with all your heart?