New handkerchief patterns made of sustainable material, washi paper, to go on sale on March 17 (Friday)

Sustainable materials are materials that are friendly to the global environment and society.

In 2023, Classics TheSmall Luxury" is promoting manufacturing under the theme of "sustainable".

The second product is a gauze handkerchief woven with Japanese paper and cotton threads.

The raw material for the washi is Manila hemp. Manila hemp is one of the ecological materials that grows quickly, absorbs carbon dioxide, and does not emit toxic substances when the yarn is incinerated.


A total of 8 color variations are available: 4 light colors and 4 dark colors.

By changing the color of the front and the back, you can enjoy the exquisite coloring when they overlap.

Woven fabrics woven with Japanese paper threads have various characteristics, but they are especially breathable and dry quickly.

The size is 24 x 24 cm. It is surrounded by lace for an elegant impression.

The handkerchief is light in the hand and has a smooth feel with the transparency characteristic of gauze and the crisp texture of Japanese paper.


White has a clean look and is recommended for any occasion. Black is also very useful for weddings and funerals. It is safe to have one for formal occasions.

From top left: blue, pink, gray (boxed), black, navy (boxed); from top right: white, green, red

 2,200 yen (tax included)

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