Pop-up Shop at Ropponmatsu Tsutaya in Fukuoka City from March 10 (Fri.)!

A pop-up store will be held at Ropponmatsu Tsutaya in Fukuoka City from March 10 (Fri.) to March 12 (Sun.), 2023.

The pop-up shop will feature a variety of handkerchiefs, including a limited edition pattern for the Fukuoka Ohori Park Shop, as well as a unique embroidered animal hanging from the edge of the handkerchief, which has been popular since its launch, and a unique "T-shirt" pattern.HIKKOMI The handkerchiefs include a variety of designs, from the "Thank you" series, which is popular since its launch, to designs with a message of "Thank you" that is unique to this season. Why not give a handkerchief not only for yourself but also as a spring gift to your loved ones?

Among the store's limited editions, the most popular "Park" handkerchief is now available in a new spring-inspired color. The design is inspired by the streets and scenery where the Fukuoka Ohori Park store is located. It depicts people enjoying their time in the park, such as people running or riding a boat. The petals of cherry blossoms are printed with silver pigment, and are specially designed to appear sparkling when the light hits them.

The feeling of thankfulness is expressed by the number "39" (Thank you). This piece is like a message card conveying feelings of gratitude.

□Follow us on Twitter and get a "Kurumi" button for your handkerchief!

During the period, customers who purchase a handkerchief and follow the officialTwitteryou will receive a "Kurumi-button" made of reused handkerchiefs as a present.

 Ropponmatsu Tsutaya Pop-up Shop

Period  2023Year3Months10Date(Fri.)2023year (e.g. AD)3Month13Date(Sun.)
Hours  11:0019:00
Location Long desk next to Starbucks Coffee