[ Exclusive] New handkerchiefs created by visual artist Mick Itaya to go on sale from March 1 (Wed.)

On March 1 (Wed.), we will release handkerchiefs exclusively for the Marunouchi Shop. The design is based on the theme of "Marunouchi," where the store is located, and is newly created by visual artist Mick Itaya.

MIC*ITAYA Marunouchi Store Limited Edition Handkerchief

The Marunouchi area was transformed from an Edo period samurai residence into a new Western-style district in the Meiji era.

In one piece, history remains strong.The red brick buildings that lined the Marunouchi areaThe red brick buildings that line the Marunouchi area are steeped in history. The zelkova trees that adorn the streets are used in the design of the kimono.The headdress is decorated withThe handkerchief depicts Marunouchi in each of the four seasons, including cherry blossoms in Chiyoda Ward.

2,750 yen (tax included)

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