A handkerchief by artist Isamu Gakiya will be released today

A new handkerchief will be released today from Okinawa Prefecture, an artist living in Tokyo, Mr. Isamu Gakiya.

Mr. Isamu Gakiya Series, all six patterns will be developed.The first work is"Let's go to bed for 12 hours on the day when there was something sad."

¥ 2,200 (tax included)

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[Isamu Gakiya]
An artist from Okinawa Prefecture and living in Tokyo. He has worked on many works that have been inspired by horror movies and American comics, that have a colorful pop, colorful, but also a grotesque and humorous work, and the artwork of musicians. The style of interweaving analog and digital and using various techniques such as drawing, collage, painting, etc. is drawn, and is attracting enthusiastic support in various fields.