11/3 (Thu/Holiday) A pop -up shop and workshop will be held at Rokumatsu Tsutaya Bookstore in Fukuoka City

On November 3rd, "Handkerchief Day", the first pop -up shop will be held at Rokumomatsu Tsutaya Bookstore in Fukuoka City.

In addition to the sale of handkerchiefs limited to Fukuoka Ohori Park Store with a motif of Mentaiko and Fukuoka Tower, we will hold a workshop using original world map handkerchiefs.

The drawing theme of the workshop is"Let's draw your own flag in a handkerchief"

With the cooperation of Tokyo Cart Graphic Co., Ltd., which aims to be a unique map expression company, we use the original handkerchief with a world map.

We invite Tomoyuki Kobayashi, a map and geographer, to the instructor, and learn the meaning and color of the design in the flag while touching the national flags and world maps around the world. Then, you can freely draw your own original flags and paint the handkerchief on the world map.

Introduction of lecturer

■ Tokyo Cart Graphic Co., Ltd.

A map expression company that handles maps and geographical information. Map data is processed in various forms, and map solutions are provided for government and general companies with IT technology and design power.

■ Tomoyuki Kobayashi

Ota Productions Affiliated as a comedy combination "fire alarm". He is a unique map/geographer who studied geography at university, has a high school social license and a map geography certification qualification. He is a popular serialization of the map column "desk trekking" in the outdoor magazine "Landne" (Ai Publishing). 2021 published "I remember it!


Special benefits: Customers who purchase a handkerchief or who participate in workshops will receive a "initial embroidery free ticket" that can be used at Fukuoka Ohori Park Store.


-Rokomatsu Tsutaya Bookstore Workshop Details-

〇 period: Thursday, November 3, 2022

time: ①10:30~11:30 / ②13:00~14:00 / ③15:00~16:00

Capacity:6 people each time

Entry fee:500 yen (tax included)

place:〒810-0044 4-2-1 Rokumomatsu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture 4212nd floorArt space

How to apply: Tsutaya BookstoreAt the store or at the phone

Inquiries 092-731-7760 (Rokumomatsu Tsutaya Bookstore)

Rokuhonmatsu Tsutaya Bookstore>

* Pop -up shops are open from 10:00 to 18:00.